Minggu, 11 Juli 2010

Wise Old Man and a Smarter Woman

I was admiring an elderly couple strolling in the park, holding hands, and constantly looking tenderly into each other’s eyes.

Envious and curious, I approached and asked, “Good morning, I can’t help but notice the loving affection you have for each other? What’s your secret?”

They looked at each other and the woman nodded her head to signal for the husband to speak.

“We have been married for fifty-five years. Before we got married, I told her as the head of the family, I would make ALL the BIG decisions and she can take care of all the small ones,” he started.

Then he added with a wink, “In all the fifty-five years, there has NEVER been a need for any BIG decision.”

Make your partner the hero and you’ll be amazed how much he’ll want to protect and provide for you.

Behind very successful man is an even smarter woman.

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