Minggu, 11 Juli 2010

Naked Dream

Where'd My Clothes Go? What Naked Dreams Mean?

Imagine you’re standing in line to order your morning coffee. Several people are in line behind you. As you reach in your wallet to retrieve money to pay, something stops you. Suddenly, you feel a breeze on your skin, you look down, and—you’re stark naked!
Most people have experienced the “naked dream,” and it can have a variety of meanings. The real question is: What do you feel when you discover you’re naked? Shame? Insecurity? Freedom? Your emotional response, not the nudity itself, usually holds the key to your subconscious.
If you feel shame, you might be experiencing latent feelings of guilt. Perhaps you’re hiding something and are fearful others can see right through you. Being naked leaves you feeling exposed and defenseless, especially if you’re nude in a public place. If you suddenly find yourself naked in a large crowd—at a mall, in a meeting, at a baseball game—it can symbolize your fear of rejection.
Usually, feelings of shame or fear of exposure pop up when you’re being overly critical of yourself and your abilities. So forgive yourself and your foibles—they’re not as bad as you imagine them to be.
If you feel insecure, you’re most likely scared of being vulnerable. Nudity in dreams symbolizes vulnerability in your waking life and can be a metaphor for drastic changes—a new relationship, a new job, a death in your family—that has altered the status quo of your life. Embrace the change, for better or for worse. Find friends and family in whom you can confide your fears. Being vulnerable is not always bad, especially if you have a support circle behind you.
If you feel free, you’re generally proud of your life and have nothing to hide. Feeling happy while naked can indicate honesty and a trusting, carefree sense of life. It can also symbolize a return to innocence. You may feel like a child again, especially a child’s openness to the world and joy toward life. If so, congratulations!

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